willow lodge

project code: PFH_19_007    design: 2019   budget: £100k – £120k

“I want to breath a new lease of life into my shabby childhood home that reflects my personality and style.”


This site has been a long-standing family home. However, the parents have now moved on to greener pastures and have passed the bungalow to their eldest daughter to celebrate the beginning of her journey into newly wedded life.

On meeting the client, it became clear this had been an ambition of hers for quite some time, as she came prepared with an array of ideas and thoughts gathered and collected over an extensive timeline, in anticipation of building her dream home.

Whilst walking around the site for the first time the client explained step for step her ideas for extensions in each part of the property.

Taking on board all of her desires spatially, we designed a concept that achieved all this within the current footprint of the bungalow with no need for unnecessary construction and extensions.

Our reasons for pitching this design were two-fold. Firstly, by re-configuring the layout of the current rooms and space, they would perform better than by extending, as just increasing the volume of the rooms would have resulted in a significant loss of light. Therefore, Why pay out more for a less pleasing outcome of space.

Land before development estimated at


Development build cost estimated at


Project after Development build cost estimated at