through road

project code: pfh_20_012   design: 2020   budget: £100 – £135K

“We have extended the property at the front and the rear ourselves, but haven’t managed to solve all our bugbears.”


Danny and Leanne had already taken their tired property and started to inject new life into it. They had modernized the front with a slate cladding and narrow floor to ceiling windows in the kitchen. To the rear a single storey extension with glazed roof lantern above the dining table. These modern additions really work for them and the property.

However, there were issues that hadn’t been fully resolved for them and they decided to bring us on to help tie up the loose ends and overcome the final hurdles.

The main issue they still had was their entrance door was at the end of their dark overshadowed carport that was on the snug side of usable as a car port. They wanted a clear front door that didn’t leave people guessing when they arrived.

Another major issue for the pair was their recently renovated bathroom had no natural light and left them underwhelmed. They requested a new master dressing room and en suite that had loads of natural light.

The proposal allows for better use of the narrow and dark carport, transforming it into a light and open hall wall with large floor to ceiling windows, the opaque glass allows for privacy but also evenly spread light through the day for a welcoming feeling ideal for an entrance hall. Above the form carport, now hall, we added a master suite to the existing master bedroom, this is housed in a catslide roof extension that is subservient to the original house, but finished in a material pallet that is reflected in the previous extension carried out by the clients. In the end this was a design that both clients and planners could see eye to eye on.