kirkland drive

project code: pfh_21_001   design: 2022   budget: £175-£200k

“We love our neighbours, and new build ready to buy properties in the area are all pokey and the same. We want our home to speak of us and to stay in our community as they are like family.”


This has been a growing project that, with each layer, took on more of the clients’ personality and design ideals. We came on board with this project after the clients had already secured their first planning application with another designer. However, the clients felt the plans they had agreed on with the local planners were a bit ‘vanillia’ and asked us to work with them to inject personality and playfulness to their scheme.

We first worked roughly to the space and scale that the planners had already approved and focused on the window design and placement, as well as altering the existing materials in favour of colours and textures that better reflected the clients’ tastes and wants. The site has one side boundary that was not square with the rest, where the previous design had opted for a typical box extension to the side of the property, we allowed the extension to follow the angled boundary which maximized the internal space, didn’t create awkward dead spaces in the garden, but most importantly, to have the wall angle outward allowed the glazing of the rear to be enlarged, making the view out to the garden more meaningful and panoramic.

Although it took time due to the pandemic, planning was successful, with the material choices and more modern aesthetics being warmly welcomed by the local planning department.Due to the time it took to get planning the clients’ circumstances changed and more space was needed from their home in order to future proof it for all their needs. This is where the decision to enter a third round of planning came into play, this time to add an additional floor to the existing scheme.

We studied the houses in the immediate area to get an understanding of existing roof heights to see if there was any justification in the existing street scene that we could use as our argument for this new proposal. We found that we had the potential to increase the ridge by 600-700mm and still be within scale of the rest of the street scene. The planners again, responded well to our proposal and the scheme was successful.This project for us is a great example of how modern ideas and designs can be integrated within the existing fabric of our street scenes. We were pleasantly surprised by the positive attitude of the planners involved in this application and look forward to working with them in the future.