hullenedge lane

project code: pfh_18_004   design: 2018   budget: £200k – £250k

“We bought the bungalow for its breath-taking view… Now we need a home worthy of it.”


The existing 1960’s detached bungalow, located in a semi-rural location in West Yorkshire, sits on the side of a hill overlooking West Vale.

The main driving factors for the project were to create pockets of space for the children to play, learn, and grow into, both indoors and out to the garden.

Large open plan entertainment spaces were also a strong desire in the client’s brief, they envisioned areas that the whole family could enjoy.

The site as it was didn’t have a front garden so during the design phase we decided to open it all with large glass panels connecting to the overlooking view, transforming the whole valley below as their own slice of green space.

The larger roof overhang is designed to be canter-levered on two steel I beam supports that are left raw and visible. The client continues to work closely with industrial steel throughout his career, I felt it was important to capture his passion and drive, and seamlessly integrate this element into the fabric of their family home.

Property before remodel and redesign estimated at


Remodel and redesign build cost estimated at


Property after remodel and redesign estimated at