harehill close

project code: pfh_18_012    design: 2018   budget: £65k – £95k

“We live on a cul-de-sac where every house looks identical. We want our home to be unique and to tell our story.”


The existing 1990’s detached 2 storey house, located in a semi-rural location in West Yorkshire, is in need of an update.

A family of three, Step-mum, Dad and Daughter, oh and Winston the beloved family bulldog. As these two late bloomers became one family unit, they decided the house they moved in to needed to speak more about them, this new modern family.

The initial brief was exactly that… Brief. They stated white, modern and minimalist, something refined and simple to contrast their busy lives.
Winston is like a furry child to them, and like children he is known to get messy when out and about, so whilst drawing up the first plans, we thought a separate wash room with direct access from outside was also a must for the them, because a messy pup and a whiter than white interior is a recipe for disaster.

One of the biggest concerns for the clients was their budget and how far it would stretch towards their dream home. To combat this we proposed a staged build phase, where the clients could build stage by stage as their finances replenished, meaning they could keep control of the project at all times and never let it run away from them.

Property before remodel and redesign estimated at


Remodel and redesign build cost estimated at


Property after remodel and redesign estimated at