green lane

project code: pfh_15_006    design: 2015   budget: between £55k – £75k

“Since I have retired, I want my home to reflect me, and to be a space I choose to spend my time in over anywhere else…”


The existing 1960’s detached bungalow, located in a semi-rural location in West Yorkshire, was in dire need of an update.

During the Vision Factory stage of this project, we established from the client the places she felt lacking were her bedroom and the entertaining spaces. The client loves gardening and wanted the house to feel more connected to the garden, as one entity as opposed to two separate spaces.

Taking all of this into consideration, we designed a C-shaped concept which saw two gable appendages extending from each wing at the rear, one to accommodate a larger master bedroom with an en-suite, whilst the other provided a larger open plan entertaining wing for the client and her newly retired ladies of leisure friends, without sacrificing the existing snug lounge where the client spends the colder winter nights.

The idea behind this was to create more south facing elevation, opening it  up to direct sunlight whilst doubling it up, almost, as a small wind blocked court yard providing the client relief and protection during the wetter, windier months, allowing her to spend more time in the garden all year round.

Property before remodel and redesign estimated at


Remodel and redesign build cost estimated at


Property after remodel and redesign estimated at