friars close

project code: pfh_22_005   design: 2022   budget: between £85-£125k

“Scrap that, We’ re not moving anymore…”


Back in 2020 this property was inherited by 4 brothers and sisters. They finally decided it was time to part with the property and put it up for sale, so in Summer 2022 we were invited to site on a conceptual basis. The family were well aware the property was outdated, needed to be reworked and had great potential but didn’t quite have the vision of how to maximise the existing and really make the most of it.

With this in mind, the family decided a conceptual design pack to show potential buyers would be a great investment.

Due to this whole project being purely conceptual, we wanted to stick within the relms of permitted development, just rework the space already available, simplify the circulation, making it flow better and make more sense for modern day living.

One of the biggest changes we felt the house needed was a sense of arrival, currently the doors aren’t visible from the front so a visitor wouldn’t necessarily know which direction to head. Adding a clear main entrance to the front elevation, not only added kerb appeal, but helped to simplify the circulation of the property on the inside as a whole.

On receipt of the design pack, one of the brothers said, quote ‘wow it’s amazing, scrap that, I’m not moving’.