denholme mills

project code: pfh_21_010  design: 2021   budget: £750 – £950k

“I want to breath a new lease of life into my shabby childhood home that reflects my personality and style.”


Denholme mills was bought with the idea to save this heritage rich mill to keep it as a notable building within the clients village. The mill has been a working building all its life from woollen manufacturing and even retail, the loss of this site as employment opportunity would be a loss to village. The clients wanted to create a mix used site for work and living, not just to take away work places in favour for more high density and cramped homes.

The mill has scars, it bares its history in its walls. In 1957 a fire caused half the mill to be raised to the ground, since then its slab lay empty. The proposed was to use the lower floors for storage and industrial use, as the mill was initially purposed, but to convert the upper two floors into penthouse style apartments. The idea was to build a new wing to the mill to replace the section lost to the fire. We didn’t want to rebuild and ignore but to redevelopment in a way that tells the building’s story.

A charred cedar and burnt orange steel frame building was proposed to sit above the site of the former section, a material palette inspired by the notion of fire, a poetic way to rebuild without rewriting the building’s history, its story. The proposed is to resemble a silhouette, a ghost of what was floating above.