coach road

project code: pfh_15_008    design: 2017  budget: £18k – £25k

“Looking towards the near future, as we get older, mobility is something we are becoming increasingly aware of, therefore we wanted to future proof our home by adding an accessible ground floor bathroom.”


The existing 1960’s semi-detached house is located in West Yorkshire.

On the client’s site, as well as the semi- detached house, they also had a detached garage, which created a walk through to the rear garden of the property. In discussions, the clients hinted at wanting to make their property more secure and their rear garden more private.

With this in mind we had the idea to double up the use of the proposed ground floor bathroom by extending out between the existing house and the garage, thus closing the existing side access to the rear garden. This made the rear garden more private and significantly more secure as access is now only possible via the house itself.

Property before remodel and redesign estimated at


Remodel and redesign build cost estimated at


Property after remodel and redesign estimated at