church road

project code: pfh_20_015  design: 2020   budget: £75-£95k

“I want to breath a new lease of life into my shabby childhood home that reflects my personality and style.”


The clients’ existing home had been extended a number of times previously to achieve the space they once needed.Due to a change in circumstances the home required further alterations in order to also provide space and the ability to care for another member of the family whilst still providing them with a sense of independence. Ideally the new space needed to be flexible in it’s ability to either be a part of the main house or separate to give ‘mother’ the retained sense of independent living and space she needed and wanted. As opposed to it feeling like she had moved into her child’s home, they had moved into their new home, their own space.

We were aware that this property had become more than just a house to the clients over time, they had extended, or sculpted, this house to create the spaces they needed for their family.  Each space had been carefully planned, thought out and built because they were needed, so anything removed would have been at a compromise on the family’s needs, not that they weren’t willing to make these sacrifices in order to care for their loved one. We felt it was important to provide a solution that retained all the same number of spaces as before but added a self contained annex that allowed ‘Mother’ to have freedom and care at the same time too.

The main aspect of this home was its garden, a lovingly curated and managed set of zones from the lawn area to planting and even it’s fire pit and water features, all complete with the summer house. We wanted to offer a design that allowed the main living space and annex to both benefit from this garden and have views out over it. We landed on a design that did that and that offered the annex a small private section that wasn’t overlooked by the main living space. 

Due to the property’s positioning on the site and it’s relationship with the sun path, it caused the rear elevation to receive little direct sunlight, we wanted to pull as much natural light into the main living space as possible. With this in mind, we designed the rear extension with a mono-pitched roof that allowed for high level windows to be positioned on the one side so that the warm evening sunlight could be pulled into the heart of the home, whilst sloping down towards the boundary so as to not result in an overbearing extension for the attached neighbour.