Caldene Croft

project code: pfh_14_003    design: 2014   budget: £200k – £275k

“We work from home and require a large space for both work and family life, we want flexible spaces that offer a balance between both aspects of our busy lifestyles.”


The existing site is located in West Yorkshire. This is a six bedroom new build family home with twin garage.

The family makeup was mum, dad and three teenage sons, 13-17 years old. The Clients work from their home so required spaces for office and storage.

The site procured by the clients was within a private cal-de-sac of other new builds, which had strict design outlines set by the previous landowner within the Title Deeds. This had a particularly strong role in the final aesthetics of the design.

The internals however was where we pushed the creativity of our design input to create the required flexi spaces of family and work harmony. The storage was placed within the form of a twin garage to fall inline with the design requirements of the Land Title Deeds. The office however was created as a mezzanine above the large family living room. This was so that the office was connected to the heart of the family space of the home.

Property before remodel and redesign estimated at


Remodel and redesign build cost estimated at


Property after remodel and redesign estimated at