Blake Hall Drive

project code: pfh_21_011  design: 2022  budget: £185 – 220k

“We spoke with other designers but they didn’t get excited, they weren’t as excited as we are about our home and ideas. We want to inject our love for Morocco, it’s textures, tones, and vibrancy into our home, but we want the outside to blend in with the street. Ideally finding a balance that suits both English garden room and Moroccan pavilion.”


Blake Hall Drive is a corner plot, the two roads that frame the site are historic tracks leading to Blake Hall, the tracks ran through Blake Hall Park. The Manor House was demolished in 1954 and from the 1960’s – 1980’s the park was redeveloped into a large estate. Anne Bronte lived at Blake Hall as a governess to the occupants’ children in 1839, it is said her book, Agnes Grey, was based on her time at Blake Hall.

As the site is situated on a corner plot within the former manor gardens of Blake Hall, the clients placed strong significance on their garden and wanted to create a home that celebrated it, inviting it into the heart of the home. Understanding the site’s history, we felt that a ‘grand’ garden room would be appropriate for this site and home. A room that looked out with panoramic views over the garden.

The Client’s have a love for Morocco, its culture, beliefs and vibrancy. This is a big part of their lives and values and they wanted their home to reflect this, to reflect them. The use of arched windows allows a balance between traditional English garden room, but also a nod to Moroccan architecture. These arches allow the design to blend in with the street-scene and site heritage, but also allows for the bones of the interior to be dressed up as a Moroccan inspired pavilion. The sympathetic design allows the home to sit well in its surroundings, without compromising the clients lifestyle or personality, allowing them to feel settled and at home.

Each arch acts as a window nook for seating and garden watching, or reading Agnes Grey and looking out over the garden that the book is said to be inspired by.