The C24 timbers are spanning 5 meters to a flitch plate beam (two timber joists with a steel plate centre) then a second set on C24 timbers are spanning over the walkway sitting on a steel Catnic block infill lintel.

“All architecture is shelter, all great architecture is the design of space that contains, cuddles, exalts, or stimulates the persons in that space.”. Phillip Johnson

The timber selected for this flat roof project is C24 grade 220x47mm @ 600mm CTRS. The idea for the flat roof is so that it could be a future roof terrace. Designed to be future proof.

There are so many myths about the durability of a flat roof and I think that the flat roofing systems have advanced so much over the last decade that is is second to none now, if designed well and installed by certified roofers. As an example, the image below. This is our chosen single ply membrane system being fitted. In the image below, the property nextdoor, has a 20+ year old felt system flat roof single storey rear extension. Looking closely it appears to be striped, this is the lapped joins (one sheet laying over the first) this is constant exposure to the potential for water ingress. The image also shows the neighbour’s flat roof pooling water as there appears to be a lip that is preventing the water to shed the roof. These issues are what cause the myths with flat roofs, when these can be easily avoided with a good knowledge of available systems and good design, as well as a certified installer. The combination of the three can allow warranty of up to 50 years on flat roof membrane systems.